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Laven is not just a tag on trendy looking attire. It’s not a meaningless name shouting loudly from a store down the road. It's a philosophy, a thought process. It's a wake-up call.

Laven also portends a future, a fortune – a harbinger of good times & a love for thy nature, it's an art of living.

Laven is the justification behind all that's green and wondrous around us. It's Nature in all her resplendent glory, untouched & unadulterated. It's about our gratitude towards being an important element of what constitutes planet Earth.

It's about the elements – the solidity of the earth, fluidity of water, passion of the fire and consummate freedom of the skies.

Laven is clothing & lifestyle statement from linen gifted by nature – linen painstakingly grown in the misty fresh valleys of Ireland. Pure in texture, dignified in character, bold and confident in content. It's an oasis in a desert of synthetic polymers and plastics.

Laven is also a community of likeminded people who have the rarified sartorial taste and elevated concern for a greener planet & healthier lifestyle. They sport it because they are natural. They sport it because they are successful and confident of what they are. They sport it because the path they took is clean and untarnished.

Laven : The eternal, seamless circle of Nature, Man and Living – A celebration of nature's fashionable splendor.