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Why Linen
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HEAT REGULATING: Linen is highly absorbent, hence cool to touch. It absorbs body heat and perspiration and keeps the wearer cool all day long. Linen is less likely to cling to the skin. In summer it dissipates heat, while in winter it retains body heat and creates a great microclimate for skin.

ANTIALLERGENIC: Linen is an ideal fabric for skin. It has a natural pH balance. It is non-irritant, does not attract dust, detergents or limestone residue.

ANTISTATIC: Linen does not accumulate static electricity and permits healthy transpiration of the body.

RESISTANT: It is strongest natural textile fiber. It lasts a long time without deforming and it doesn’t molt. With frequent use and washing it becomes softer to touch and its flowing movement increases, enhancing the elegance of the garment. Enough to amplify its wearers’ distinctive style statement lending them a mesmerizing appeal.

ECOLOGICAL: Linen is animal friendly and made from flax plant, which requires less water than other crops and minimal use of chemical fertilizers and pesticide. In condition to the textile fiber, it provides a number of other side-products and does not generate waste that needs special disposal measures